Samhain Past Subscription Box ~October 2017~

Magick & Macabre Co.

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Samhain Past Subscription Box ~October 2017~
Samhain Past Subscription Box ~October 2017~
Samhain Past Subscription Box ~October 2017~
Samhain Past Subscription Box ~October 2017~
Samhain Past Subscription Box ~October 2017~
Samhain Past Subscription Box ~October 2017~
As past subscription box from October 2017 filled with magickal goodies for Samhain, Protection, and Divination Magick. The Price of this box is the same price the items inside are worth, so...To get a better deal on our monthly subscription boxes be sure to subscribe month by month!

Shipping is NOT included on this box (unlike our subscription boxes) and is based on the box weight and your location. 

In this box you'll receive;

- 3" Diameter Black Stone Scrying Bowl ($12.00)
Scrying is an ancient form of fortune telling where a witch may fill a bowl of water and stare into the ripples. It’s believed that the user will begin to see messages, symbols, or pictures inside the waters. This stone bowl is perfect for scrying, offerings, or even for use as a cauldron. 

-Black Sage / Mugwort 3” Smudge Stick ($4.00)
Mugwort (Black Sage) has properties great for divination and protection. Its smoke encourages astral travel, lucid dreaming, and spirit communication. It’s not recommended to burn while pregnant as Mugwort has been shown to relax the uterus. 

-Paranormal Pumpkin Soap (2 Pack) ($3.50)
Handmade by our shop (run by real paranormal investigators) this soap is what we use after particularly rigorous investigations. It’s great for Samhain time as with the veil thin, it’s not a bad idea to regularly cleanse yourself. The herbs inside may cause some discoloration to the soap, this is completely normal.

-Tumbled Black Tourmaline Crystal ($2.50)
Black Tourmaline is an extremely powerful stone used for grounding & centering. It protects you against psychic attacks and attacks by negative entities. It can be used to aid in becoming closer to your spirit and is very useful where protection is needed.

-Skeleton Key Necklace ($15.00)
This skeleton key charm rests on a 20” sterling silver coated chain. Each has been blessed by our shop for encouraging psychic abilities.

-Jack O’ Lantern Open Veil Protection Spell ($5.00)
This month, learn how to make your Jack O’ Lantern magickal with this one of a kind kit. After the spell, any leftover oil can be used in regular ritual work or as a perfume (external use only). Includes tea light, spell/directions, & 5/8 dram of oil.

**Photos are examples of products in various situations. Only the items listed above are included in this box. Thank you.**

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