Necromantic Past Subscription Box ~September 2017~

Magick & Macabre Co.

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Necromantic Past Subscription Box ~September 2017~
Necromantic Past Subscription Box ~September 2017~
Necromantic Past Subscription Box ~September 2017~
Necromantic Past Subscription Box ~September 2017~
Necromantic Past Subscription Box ~September 2017~
As past subscription box from September 2017 filled with magickal goodies to get into the spooky spirit. Celebrate the romantic side of the dead with some of our favorite Gods of the Dead. With this box, explore the underworld, cemeteries, and graveyard folklore.

Key themes: Egyptian Mythology, Greek Mythology, & Spirit Conjuring.

Shipping is NOT included on this box (unlike our subscription boxes) and is based on the box weight and your location. To save money and get a monthly dose of magick be sure to subscribe each month! 

In this box you'll receive;

Coffin Box ($3.00)
This small coffin box can be painted and decorated to honor any god of the dead that you choose as an offering chest or it can be used for jewelry, knick-knacks, or anything else.

Anubis Statue ($5.00)
The Egyptian God of mummification, funerals, and the afterlife. He is known as the Guardian of the Veil, protector of souls and gatekeeper to the underworld. Polyresin: 2 x 2.5 in.

Underworld Rendezvous Soap Bar ($6.00)
Inspired by the tragic tale of Persephone & Hades, this olive oil soap bar is scented with midnight pomegranate and filled with cranberry seeds for mild exfoliation. Each is finished off with a beautiful black hemp oil soap drizzle.

Morrigan Necklace ($10.00)
A raven skull on a coated wax cord. Created to honor the Celtic Goddess, Morrigan. She specializes in war, death, and divination. A shape-shifting goddess that is believed to collect the souls of dead soldiers fallen upon Celtic battlefields. Call upon the Goddess Morrigan for help in divination, protection, & strength. 

Graveyard Dirt ($5.00)
Graveyard dirt is a powerful symbolic tool, used to form a link with ancestors and spirits of the dead. For use in spirit spells, protection, curses, and compelling love spells. 

Basic Spirit Banishing & Unhexing Spell Kit ($8.00)
A shop exclusive spell with a black spell candle and tumbled 2 Black Tourmaline crystals.

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