MerMagick ~Past Box~ June 2018

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MerMagick ~Past Box~ June 2018
MerMagick ~Past Box~ June 2018
MerMagick ~Past Box~ June 2018
MerMagick ~Past Box~ June 2018
In our past subscription box from June 2018 you will receive:
  • Coconut Wood Pendulum Spell Kit ($12.00)

This month’s spell kit is a little different. This month, each box contains a coconut wood pendulum and a shop exclusive pendulum mat designed and created by our shop owner, Bee Reckless (@TheBeeReckless). Coconut Wood is connected to the feminine energy of the moon so it is fantastic to use in divination. This particular pendulum would be good for asking questions regarding protection and guidance.

  • Siren’s Song Soy Wax Melts ($5.00)

Artisan Soy Wax Melts exclusive to our shop, created to connect to ocean deities, water elementals, and represent water upon the altar or sacred space. Each pack contains sea salt and mini seashells and is scented in a refreshing ocean mist.

  • Olive Gibbosa Shell ($2.00)

This shell is shed by the olive snail, a tropical ocean dweller. In spell work, this shell represents abundance, and encourages new opportunities.

  • Seashell Altar Cloth ($5.00)

A beautiful tapestry style altar cloth to protect your sacred space from debris and wax.

  • Seal Animal Totem ($5.00)

In Scottish folklore, there is a magickal shapeshifter called the selkie. Quite similar to a mermaid. A seal when in water but when upon the land it shed’s its skin and transforms into a beautiful woman-a sea deity. Allow this Dolomite Seal Animal Totem to represent the magickal world of the sea in your craft.

  • Blue Chalcedony Necklace ($20.00)

As always, these beautiful crystals were charged and cleansed under the light of the full moon prior to being worked with. Once charged, each was wire wrapped by hand and hung from a 20” Black Satin Cord.

  • Coarse Sea Salt ($1.00)

It promotes protection and positivity. This sea salt is ready for rituals, mojo bags, baths, and spell work! 


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