Hippie Witch ~PAST BOX~ July 2018

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Hippie Witch ~PAST BOX~ July 2018
Hippie Witch ~PAST BOX~ July 2018
Hippie Witch ~PAST BOX~ July 2018
Hippie Witch ~PAST BOX~ July 2018
The July 2018 theme was Hippie Witch! Spread some good vibes with this month's box that promotes positive energy, harmony, and of course peace! Each box will also cover communication of your body, mind, and soul to promote the peaceful spread of your ideas. 

Key Themes: Harmony, Communication, Peace, & Positive Energy. 

Shipping is NOT included on this box (unlike our subscription boxes) and is based on the box weight and your location. To save money and get a monthly dose of magick be sure to subscribe each month! 

In this box you'll receive;

Selenite Chime Candle Holder ($8.95)
Selenite is an amazing crystal. It can cleanse an area, person, or object of negativity, re-charge crystals, and so much more. Our team calls it the "Good Vibes" crystal because just being around a selenite bar can instantly make you feel peaceful and safe. Selenite can help with mental and psychic abilities. It can remove energy blockages and help to promote success and awareness. It's a great crystal to have on hand for crystal healing and for use with Wiccan & new age practices. When left on the altar, it helps to protect the sacred energy of the space.

Rose Hips (1oz) ($4)
Said to be of use in calling good spirits and seeking their aid, Rose Hips are also good for seeking good luck and bringing in peace. It can be added into love spells or home blessings. This 1oz bag of herbs is ready for spells, mojo bags, rituals, and baths. Please keep in mind it is external use only. 

Light Blue Chime Candles (2) ($2.50)
Light Blue candles work best for spells revolving around peace, tranquility, and in general spirituality. These mini candles are perfect for carving symbols into or rolling in oil and herbal incense.

Sodalite Bracelet ($5)
Blue Sodalite is a very beneficial crystal when it comes to remaining humble and benefiting others as it encourages overall gratitude and harmony. It also helps to promote tranquility and peace within your life. Being a crystal with connections to the throat chakra, it also brings the energy to help with meaningful, genuine, communication with others. 

Peace Within Me Ritual Oil ($12)
A shop exclusive roll on ritual oil scented with essential oils and filled with organic herbs. Use for calming your mind and bringing positive, creative, energy. 

Restorative Energy & Release Meditation Kit ($7)
A shop exclusive spell written by our shop owner, Bee Reckless, with axinite crystal, herbal incense & Palo Santo to get you started!

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