Green Man Votive Spell Candle

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Green Man Votive Spell Candle
Green Man Votive Spell Candle
Green Man Votive Spell Candle

The price is PER votive Candle.

These beautiful sweetgrass scented green votive candles have been hand dipped in whiteish yellow and decorated with our shop's magickal herb decoration blend for an Earth Element Candle. This beautiful green votive candle is dressed with the perfect blend of herbs for spell work. Perfect for spells for attracting the Fae, representing earth, or honoring nature and the Horned God.

*Spell blend contains Mugwort. Do not burn the Green Man Candle while pregnant!*

All orders come with free incense. Blessings and Light!!

Required Legal Mumbo Jumbo:
These candles are sold as a curio only! We can not guarantee the magickal results of these candles. They've been dressed with herbs, filled with energy for what they're created for, and made lovingly according to the Pagan faith but scientifically speaking, there is no "real" proof. Do not burn unattended.

DO NOT BURN UNATTENDED AS HERB ATOP WILL LIGHT ON FIRE AS WELL TO CREATE AN INCENSE ATOP THE CANDLE. Be sure to burn on a heat-safe dish such as on a ceramic plate. These have a very fast burn time. <3