Celestial Witch ~Past Box~ May 2018

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Celestial Witch ~Past Box~ May 2018
Celestial Witch ~Past Box~ May 2018
Celestial Witch ~Past Box~ May 2018
Celestial Witch ~Past Box~ May 2018
A past subscription box from May 2018. "Celestial Witch" includes spiritual stargazing, deities of the night sky, and celestial representation in ritual! This box is inspired by the stars, rather than the moon, and will teach you how to incorporate star themed items, astrology, and celestial magick into your everyday craft.

Shipping is NOT included on this box (unlike our subscription boxes) and is based on the box weight and your location. To save money and get a monthly dose of magick be sure to subscribe each month!

In this box you'll receive;

-Nyx Goddess Votive Spell Candle (4.00)
Invoke the goddess of the night, Nyx, with this spell candle dressed for her. Call upon Nyx when you require protection, cleansing, or help in the aspects of sleep and death. Burn in a heat safe container, do not leave unattended!

-St. John’s Wort (1oz) (4.00)
Enjoying the stars, can mean surrounding yourself with darkness. This herb is included to help with the negative toll it can leave on your mental health. A natural anti-depressive, St. John’s wort brings offerings of happiness and joy. It’s used for warding off evil spirits, negative magic, and can be quite potent for exorcisms, instilling courage and divination.

-Celestial Trinket Box (5.00)
Each box is embellished with brass inlays in various celestial patterns and individually stained.

-Angelite Crystal (4.00)
Charged & Cleansed under the Full Moon, do not submerge in water as this crystal will dissolve!

-Jasmine Essential Oil (10ml) (5.00)
Look inside your Celestial Trinket Box to find a 10ml bottle of Jasmine EO. Connected to dark goddesses, Jasmine is a sultry scent that is useful in healing & love spells. Ready for spell work, baths, and rituals. External use only.

-Celestial Cleanse Bath Spell (5.00)
1/4 cup of our Celestial Cleanse Bath Spell, useful in spell work in the areas of protection, clarity, attraction/drawing, and hex/jinx removal. Its scent is a complex blend of lemongrass essential oil with balsam, cedar, eucalyptus, fresh red berries and smoky ancient incense.

-Sacred Stardust Spell Kit (8.50)
Learn how to harness the power of the night sky & wear it as protection in an amulet! Each kit contains; natural glitter, a blue chime candle, a fairy star candle holder, a star bottle necklace on a black wax coated cord, and a grimoire sheet written by our shop owner Bee Reckless.Wicked Witch Subscriptions by Magick & Macabre Co.

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