Cat's Eye Crystal (Tumbled, Natural)

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Cat's Eye Crystal (Tumbled, Natural)
Cat's Eye Crystal (Tumbled, Natural)
Cat's Eye Crystal (Tumbled, Natural)
The price is for ONE small to medium sized tumbled crystal that has been charged and cleansed by our shop. We can re-cleanse it with white sage or frankincense and myrrh if you would like at no additional cost. 

Crystal Folklore Below is not to be substituted for professional help and is provided as curio only:

Chakra: Heart & Solar Plexus

Physical Help: Cat’s Eye is believed to help reduce headaches. It’s also a crystal known to work with your metabolism and working towards bettering yourself in all aspects of loosing weight (heart problems, cholesterol, etc) and is believed to have energy to work towards those goals.

Emotional Help: Cat’s eye is said to offer clarity of thoughts and to bring self-confidence to its user. Its energy is believed to work to improve problem solving and to bring happiness and joy to you. 

Spiritual Help: A grounding crystal, amongst crystal healers. Cat’s Eye is believed to protect from the evil eye and all around bad luck. It is said to be good to use in un-hexing rituals. Cat’s eye also believed to work to improve intuition and perspective while strengthening your aura. 

All orders come with free incense.
Once again, crystals are SOLD AS A CURIO ONLY. Thank you!