Blue Aventurine Crystal (Tumbled)

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Blue Aventurine Crystal (Tumbled)
The price is for ONE small to medium sized tumbled crystal that has been charged and cleansed by our shop. We can re-cleanse it with white sage or frankincense and myrrh if you would like at no additional cost. 

Crystal Folklore Below is not to be substituted for professional help and is provided as curio only:

Chakra: Third-Eye & Throat Chakra

Physical Help: Migraines and headaches are said to be helped by Blue Aventurine as it's energy is believed to work to calm your mind and relieve muscle tension. Along with this, it has been said to help with with focus and concentration, particularly in energy workers with ADHD. As a crystal of the mind, Blue Aventurine is believed to be a good crystal to have on hand if you're an energy worker suffering from a dissociative disorder, such as DID, to remain grounded and promote alter communication. 

Emotional Help: The energy of Blue Aventurine is said to Stimulate emotional healing. It's believed by healers to work with your mind to stimulate new ideas, creative approaches, and work with you to properly communicate your ideas.

Spiritual Help: Spiritually, healers believe that it is a good crystal for sensitives and psychics just starting out. They believe that it encourages your psychic gifts and helps to spiritually guide you. It's energy is believed to be good for for meditation, dreamwork, and psychic readings. 

Once again, crystals are SOLD AS A CURIO ONLY. Thank you!

All orders come with free incense.