Blue Apatite Raw Crystal

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Blue Apatite Raw Crystal
Blue Apatite Raw Crystal
Blue Apatite Raw Crystal

These Blue Apatite Crystals are untumbled and in their raw form. They are each different and generally medium (some are a bit larger) in size. They have been cleansed by our shop to ensure positive energy and charged under the light of the full moon. If you'd like them blessed with frankincense and myrrh or cleansed with white sage before coming to you as well...let us know. There is no additional charge for this!
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Blue Apatite

Chakra: Third Eye & Throat.

Physical Help: Blue Apatite is believed to help you eat better, suppress hunger, and encourage your metabolism. It also helps with headaches, eye problems, and dizzy spells.

Emotional Help: Blue Apatite can help you gain motivation in your daily life. It allows you to get over sorrow and anger quicker and even helps to reduce irritability. It helps you gain a positive outlook on life.

Spiritual Help: Blue Apatite helps you remember and access your past lives. It’s also believed to help you increase your abilities in regards to clairvoyance, telepathy and other sixth sense abilities. It’s even believed to be able to help connect you to UFOS/Aliens.