About Us

Here at Magick & Macabre Co. we specialize in spooky vegan bath products, bookish goodies, metaphysical jewelry, and pagan supplies. We try our best to keep our prices low so that everyone can experience the magick. Being college students at the time we created this business, we know all too well the struggles of being broke but loving the metaphysical world. 
Thank you all for stopping by and as always:
Blessings & Light,
Magick & Macabre Co.


Our Witchy Team:

Bee Reckless: Shop Owner

Bee is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and holds an AS degree in Fine Arts from SUNY Ulster. She also holds a diploma in Parapsychology & Wiccan Studies from the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. She is currently enrolled in a Master Herbalism class as well. As a cartomancy reader, she's been reading the cards for 4 years and is "scary good" according to many of her clients.

In 2014, Bee opened this shop which has since serviced over 4,000 pagans (and non-pagans) worldwide with our products via Etsy, our website, and across the east coast at various conventions and festivals.

Bee is a witch of all trades. Along with being a business owner and author, Bee is an award winning photographer, seasoned musician, and an occasional event/party planner.


Carly Bootes: Pop Up Shop Help & Creator
Carly is an aspiring cryptozoologist and budding artist. She holds an AS degree in Independent Studies focusing in Astronomy and Archeological Studies. She hopes to finish her schooling by earning a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology sometime soon. 
Carly is a paranormal researcher and history buff utilizing her knowledge of ancient civilizations and spiritual beliefs to create shop items and fill mystery boxes. She has been working with the shop since we opened, and when she's not working with us she's a full time library clerk. 

She's the mastermind behind Hufflepop Shoppe which is a separate entity from Magick & Macabre Co. but has items featured on our website. :)
Seasonal Helpers:
Vicki: Vicki helps with the accounting side of things, gathering up items for orders, and packaging up products for us! 
@TheRejectKat: Kat helps us at our tent in the Summer, at conventions in the winter, and helps occasionally with labeling products here at the shop!
@lil_italy_21: Our main helper during our busy season. Christina helps with filing orders, making products, and (most importantly) helping Bee manage the chaos.