FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do your bath products contain any popular allergens?

ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN A FACILITY THAT HANDLES CORN STARCH. 🌽 If you are allergic to corn; DO NOT PURCHASE FROM OUR SHOP. Your safety is our main priority.

Some popular allergens that our shop uses or occasionally uses are:
▪️Corn Starch
▪️Tree Nuts: Coconut Oil, Hawaiian Black Salt, Sweet Almond Oil
▪️Hemp Oil
▪️Activated Charcoal

▪️Please be sure to read all ingredients before purchasing and message us if you have any questions. If you have an allergy, we can not guarantee your safety. Buy our products at your own risk. Magick & Macabre Co. is not responsible for adverse reactions due to product use. Thank you. ▪️

Are your products vegan // eco-friendly?

🐾  We strive to make all of our products vegan & cruelty-free. We believe the Wiccan rede's "harm none, do what ye will" includes animals. However, please note that a few of our products may not be completely vegan as we have used honey, beeswax, and even goat's milk in the past. These products will be clearly listed as NOT VEGAN in their description.  ▪️July 2019: Currently, all of our products are vegan. ▪️

🐾  We NEVER test on animals and try to get our supplies from companies that do not test on animals as well, although like most Indie Bath Bomb companies we occasionally use food coloring to color our products.

🙌  All the glycerin based products in our shop are made with a vegetable derived glycerin! 

🌴  All of our products that feature Palm Oil are from RSPO certified sources.  

🐠 All of the glitter in our bath products is eco-friendly!

♻️ Most of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, with the exception of our poly-mailers, shrink wrap, and bubble wrap. We are slowly beginning to phase out plastic baggies (that contain our herbs and incense cones) as well. 

Since you're a home-based shop, do you have pets or smoke?

No, we do not smoke. We do have a few office cats and one dog that sometimes wanders into our office. As a business, we try our hardest to keep them away from all our products and packaging. However a stray hair might get here or there. So, we suggest if you have any severe allergies that you do not purchase from our shop.

I messed up my address! Can you resend my product to the right one?

The minute you notice your address is messed up, contact us immediately!!! If we can catch your package before it leaves our shop we can get refunded for the original shipping label and fix the situation at no added cost to you.

If you contact us too late after the item has been shipped, We can do one of two things:

1) If your packaged is marked RTS. We can resend the item. You'll just be responsible for the additional resending cost. We can't get refunded for a shipping label once we ship the item. However, the added cost can be anywhere from $3.00+ depending on the weight of the shipment.

2) If you decide you don't want the item any longer. We can refund you the price of your order minus the cost of the shipping label.

Something is missing or broken in my package! Should I just leave a negative review?

No!! Contact us and we'll be happy to help you!

We strive for the best quality of products and sometimes the USPS can be a bit rough on our packages. So things can get broken in transit.

If something is missing, we're only human and make mistakes. If you let us know, we'll be happy to help you out by resending whatever we missed.

Heat & humidity are causing some types of bath bombs to disintegrate and fall apart. Soaps & Candles are also melting when going to hot areas like TX, CA, FL, AZ, etc. Use discretion and buy at your own risk if having items shipped to warmer locations (no refund to be given)! Thanks, witches! We're sorry we can't control the weather.

What are your business hours and business days?

Our shop owners are available online:

▪️Monday-Friday 1pm to 11PM (EST) to respond to questions, comments, and concerns via messages. ▪️

▪️We are away weekends as we vend at festivals and conventions and will not be able to respond to messages. However if it is an urgent matter or magickal emergency we will try our hardest to find a minute. However please don't be offended if we do not respond to your message until Monday or Tuesday. ▪️

🙌 We are out of shop on all legal US holidays and all traditional Wiccan holidays and seasonal solstices (Samhain, Litha, Beltane, etc.).

Help! I need to cancel my One Month subscription!

If it is before the month's box cut-off date that you request your cancellation it is at our discretion whether we decide to cancel for you as we order many items specifically for the number of boxes we sell. Our shop policies also clearly state that our cancellation time for any order is WITHIN 24 HOURS OF YOUR PURCHASE as that is when we begin working on products and ordering supplies.

If it is after the cut-off date for that specific month's box we WILL NOT cancel or refund you as we have already purchased and made items for the specific number of people on the list. The ONLY exception is if we happen to have someone on a waiting list for that box.

How to I cancel a Multi-Month Subscription?

We DO NOT cancel Multi-Month subscriptions as when you place your initial order we order supplies for the duration of all your boxes. Please be sure you want to be a subscriber for as long as you preorder before placing your order. Thank you!!

I've been waiting for USPS to deliver my package and it appears to be lost in the post or hasn't arrived yet. Can I get a refund?

We CAN NOT refund you for your products until your products show up Return To Sender to our shop.

We have had TOO MANY cases of refunding for products because they're lost in USPS that show up the next day with the customer. When this happens we are out both the product and the money.

In fact, according to Etsy policies we don't have to issue any refund after we've provided proof of the items being shipped in the first place with their tracking #.

Please understand we are a small business and cannot control how fast or slow the USPS works. Once we ship the items it is completely out of our hands. We are just as powerless as you until they arrive.

Mystery Box FAQ:

-Boxes take 2 business weeks to ship. This is due to the care we put into each one.

-Boxes include handmade items, spell tools, and natural curios. What our shop sells is what is found in these boxes: bath products, wax melts, spells, necklaces, etc

-Goth/Spooky & Bath & Beauty boxes are not necessarily pagan-related. Leave us a note!

-Customization is available within' reason. Please keep in mind the more customization requested, the longer your box will take to create. :)

-Typically, we will not refund or cancel mystery boxes for ANY reason after the 24hr cancellation period. On the rare occasion that we do, there will be a cancellation fee of $9.70 (NY State's Minimum wage for our time for curating your box) this includes RTS.