**UPDATE 1/8/23: Bee is officially back in shop working on orders. However, our Turn Around Time is still around 20 Business Days for new orders on this site. She is working to get everything out as fast as she can but is still ultimately working by herself. Thank you for understanding. Use code THANKFUL for 10% off your order. Be sure to check out our NEW seasonal mystery box themes! Thanks for stopping in, for supporting small business, and for helping our dreams come true!**

Covid-19 Update

Hi all! First things first I want to thank you all for supporting our shop during this crazy time. It means the world to us and the fact that we're getting so many orders in is truly an honor. 

Some Covid-19 updates & FAQs:

1) Since we're located in NY, only 90 miles from city, our restrictions on businesses are quite strict right now. Since we're not an "essential business" we're only allowed to have Bee & Carly filling orders since they live together in the location our business is located. (Witch sisters unite!) This keeps things safe for you all. But it also means we are quite backed up.

Bee is our only full time worker again.  For the last few years we have had Bee and her mother, Vicki, both on as full time and was the reason we were able to get things out so fast. Carly is now also our only part time helper for the foreseeable future. We used to have Carly, Christina, Kat, & Barbara as additional helpers when needed....which we would LOVE to bring on right now because we could use them! Unfortunetly, we are not able to do that until restrictions are lifted


2) HOW WE'VE BEEN PROTECTING YOU: Currently, with just Bee & Carly working, we have hand sanitizer at our stations and have been disinfecting all product shipments that arrive at the shop to ensure there is no cross contamination. We are also scheduling weekly package pickups to prevent the amount of people that come into contact with your packages.

When we bring our additional help on to start working, we will require everyone in the shop to wear masks and gloves when filling your orders. Those with medical ailments that cannot wear gloves will have hand sanitizer at their stations and will be encouraged to wash their hands as much as possible. 

3) Our TAT (turn around time) has increased for all items. Our mystery boxes are now on a 2-3 business week schedule. As most of you know we package them up carefully, write up individual inserts for every single one, and write personal notes on them. This is very time consuming. Especially when Bee is doing 75% of the work because Carly is not able to do certain parts of the packaging process.  We have been experiencing massive supply delays, complete with most of our usual orders 

Our regular items are at 1-2 business weeks TAT, however we try our hardest to get these out as fast as possible. We have been experiencing order delays of supplies to make our items. In fact, a batch of soap supplies we've been waiting for over a month for finally arrived yesterday. YAY!