Where spooky meets magick.

Our MAgickal Offerings:

Handmade Bath Products, Jewelry, & Candles!


Our shop started out with our infamous "Funeral Parlor Ghost" bath bombs. Now we've branched off into all types of usable art including handmade pagan bath products, candles,  wax melts,  jewelry, and more! 

Mystery & Subscription Boxes


We're the home of the original Witchy Mystery Boxes on Etsy, created over three years ago we've sold thousands! We're also home to  Wicked Witch Subscription Boxes where metaphysical magick gets delivered directly to your door each month! 

Virtual Services!


From Tarot Readings, to Group Meditation, and even Paranormal Discussions we have a whole boatload of virtual metaphysical classes and events in the works. We're aiming to create a virtual witch community in which customers from all around the world can come together!

Featured Products